About Us

What we do

Max Analytical Technologies (Max) is a leader in developing FTIR gas analysis technology for in-processes monitoring, source testing, and ambient air monitoring.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-precision gas analysis products and systems that not only push the limits of detection but are also exceptionally reliable and easy to use.


We believe that our customers' success means a commitment that starts with experienced application engineering to meet specific measurement requirements and is followed by a dedication to maintaining 24/7 uptime once the product is delivered. These principles have earned Max the trust of customers ranging from Fortune 100 chemical companies to small environmental firms who rely on Max products to drive their business.

The Max Technology Advantage

Using our core FTIR Gas Analysis technology, Max is uniquely positioned with its high-precision measurement technology and its robustness in an industrial environment. Known for reinventing FTIR with detection limits for most applications in single-digit parts per billion, Max routinely provides gas contaminate measurements that work in the presence of a wide range of interferences and provide results in real-time. By using our StarBoost™ technology, Max is now driving into mid parts per trillion and, once again, redefining FTIR capabilities. This includes challenging the use of slower and more costly technologies such as Gas Chromatography. And like the best technology companies, we believe the equipment a customer purchases should get better with time as we continually improve our software capabilities for analytics and usability. 

Commitment to Full Solutions, Not Just Components 

At Max, we understand that the Gas Analyzer is only part of the solution. Gas sampling, software, plumbing, and factory communication need to work as a system and not just catalog components in a rack. Our commitment to solution-driven products means our systems work on Day One and will not require engineers' endless tweaking. This dramatically reduces the amount of downtime for our customers during installation and speeds up training time. And like sentries at the gate, our system control philosophy allows for a high degree of automation to reduce user touch time and cost. Minimal maintenance and calibration overhead results in high uptime and low overall cost of ownership. In the words of our customers, "Max products just work."