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A chemical instrumentation company focused on
GC-FTIR and FTIR gas analysis technologies

MAX Analytical Technologies, formerly Prism Analytical Technologies was founded in 1992 as an analytical laboratory in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Many Fortune 500 companies use and deploy our technologies everyday for process and environmental applications.


MAX Analytical is now a chemical instrumentation company focused on GC-FTIR and FTIR gas analysis technologies and is headquartered in East Windsor, CT.  Our technology is designed for process and environmental analytical chemical applications, such as source emissions, automotive, catalyst, bio gas, syn gas, beverage, industrial hygiene and laboratory. Our technology is also designed for ease of use, minimal maintenance and constant calibration so it is ideal for numerous process and environmental applications.


Our flagship MAX(TM) product is a new concept in GC-FTIR that requires no user calibration and can measure complex samples from % to ppb (mg to ng).  The system can be transported to any location and be up and running in just a few hours.  The system comes calibrated from the factory and new calibrations, when required, can be created by us and emailed to the user. Our constant instrument-to-instrument calibration gas chromatograph is a first for a technology that normally requires continuing calibration. Our advanced MAX Source Tester analysis software can search for specific compounds even when overlapped with other species whether known or unknown (again, a first for GC).


Our EMS product line provides a continuous emissions FTIR system that provides sample collection, analysis and real-time reporting of VOCs and inorganics from ppb to % levels.


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