MAX Analytical Technologies has developed a standalone Thermal Desorption Tube (TDT) sampler which allows for the collection and concentration of HAPs and other compounds to be measured during engineering or compliance source tests. 

The Automated Sample Console (ASC-10™) is a gas sampling system that will heat and multiplex a sample stream, zero gas and cal gas automatically. The ASC-10™ can handle hot and wet samples with nitrogen and calibration streams using a single sampling pump and particulate filter.

Interface the EMS-10 to Factory Data Systems

The Factory Interface Module is an optional component that provides digital and analog (4-20mA) input and output (I/O) to allow interfacing the EMS-10 to a factory data system and/or to acquire additional sensor signals. Analog inputs can be used to acquire data from an external sensor (flow, temp, etc.). Analog outputs can be used to transmit concentration data to a factory data system. Digital outputs can be used to indicate health, state or gas alarm status. 


The 8/6/6 Module has 8 Digital relay outputs, 6 analog inputs and 6 analog outputs. 

The 8/2/2 Module includes 8 digital relay outputs, 2 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs. 

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