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Ambient Air


• Medical Sterilization

• Chemical Manufacturing

• Semiconductor

• Automotive

Technology Highlights

Single digit ppb detection, zero drift stabilization, fully automated, Advanced FTIR StarBoost™ Technology.

Why Max Matters to You

Measuring challenging compounds like ethylene oxide requires technology that does not false alarm on benign interferences and meets EPA and OSHA standards 


Single digit parts per billion in ambient air requires the ability to discriminate target compounds in the presence of high concentrations of interferences, such as water, solvents and hydrocarbons. Our industry-leading MAX-iAQ ambient air continuous monitoring systems combine powerful analytical technology in a system-level package built for the factory, not just the laboratory. Utilizing Max Advanced FTIR StarBoost™ Technology and a fully automated factory platform, our Ambient Air Systems provide near real-time results for up to 20 sequential sample channels. Whether you are tasked with monitoring several rooms, around production equipment, or on the fence-line, our ambient air monitoring systems provide reliable 24/7 monitoring without the need for constant calibrations and costly upkeep.

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