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Industrial Process Applications

Industrial Process Applications


• Chemical Manufacturing

• Air Separation

• Semiconductor

• Beverage

Technology Highlights

ppb detection, IR-active and IR-inactive compound detection, fully automated, robust measurement in dirty environments

Why Max Matters to You

Our easy-to-use optical system solutions provide superior results to GC based systems by delivering single-digit ppb detection limits, real-time measurement, no calibration, minimal downtime, and lower cost of ownership.

Max Analytical is involved in a wide variety of process applications, both assuring the quality of end product and in-process monitoring. By using our advanced FTIR technology, we regularly achieve single-digit parts per billion detection limits with the ability to simultaneously measure for many impurities in real-time. For non-IR active compounds, we utilize additional technologies such as mass spectrometry and individual compound sensors. At a system level, our products go well beyond the typical “components in a rack” mentality that is so prevalent. Each product is developed from the ground up utilizing MAX designed multi-channel gas handling, automated control software (MAX-Acquisition), integrated computer and factory communication, and a variety of enclosure options, including Class 1 Div 2 rated. Finally, each system is optimized using Max generated methods that guarantee detection limits and elimination of interferences on day one of operation.

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