ASC-10 Max_ir

ASC-10-ST Demonstration

Automated Sample Console - Heated Sampling Made Easy  

The Automated Sample Console (ASC-10-ST™) is designed for fast automated switching between nine different sampling conditions including zero, direct calibrations, system checks and spike recoveries. All sample lines are connected to the back of the ASC-10-ST, so QA/QC tests and zeroing can be performed quickly and allow for source testing to begin within a few minutes. The ASC-10-ST can handle hot and wet samples and is ideal for integration with FTIR gas analyzers such as the MAX-iR™.

The ASC-10-ST has a whisper quiet heated diaphragm pump that can generate sample flows up to 12 L/min. The ASC-10-ST has three unheated valves (N2 and two Cal gases) and three heated valves (two sample lines and direct calibration). The ASC-10-ST has three independent heated zones; the manifold oven, sample pump, and heated transfer line. The sample console uses an industry standard T-handle particulate filter for ease of filter replacement. The ASC-10-ST is configured with an MFC, for quick switching between direct, system and spike recovery settings.