Bulk Gas Certification System

Certification • Trace Impurities • Absolute Purity • Automated

The MAX-ATS™ is a multi-analyzer and multi-channel system designed for bulk gas certification, trace impurity analysis, and process monitoring. This highly configurable system is appropriate for a wide range of bulk gases, including HyCO, nitrogen, helium, and carbon dioxide. Within the MAX-ATS™, the fully automated multiplexer accommodates up to 8 sample streams and zero gases. The high-pressure multiplexer design minimizes sample equilibration time while preventing sample contamination, making it an ideal solution for high purity applications.

At the heart of the MAX-ATS™, the MAX-iR™ FTIR gas analyzer simultaneously measures multiple trace impurities, ranging in concentration from ppb to percent. While the FTIR performs the bulk of the analysis, this system allows for integrating additional technologies to measure absolute purity and IR-inactive impurities, including argon, nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen. By eliminating the need for multiple instruments and assays, the MAX-ATS™ is the most comprehensive solution for bulk gas analysis and certification. In addition to its powerful analytical capabilities, the MAX-ATS™ is equipped with various I/O options for seamless factory integration.

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