Automotive Manufacturing

Automotive Manufacturing
Engine, Catalyst, SHED, VIAQ Testing

MAX Analytical Technologies has been deploying FTIR gas analyzer technologies for numerous industries since 1992.  MAX Analytical is now deploying an easy-to-use, low maintenance EMS-10™ / EMS-100™ line of FTIR gas analyzers that allow the Engine and Engine Catalyst professional to monitor complex emissions in the 5 Hz to minute time regime.   We have also deployed our EMS-10 FTIR technology for SHED testing for the automotive market.  Sub ppm VOCs are routinely monitored in real-time using our EMS-10.

Along with our EMS-10 / 100 FTIR technology we have developed our patented MAX™ Analyzer that allows the Engine, Catalyst, SHED and VIAQ testing professional to monitor and speciate for the first time low ppbv VOCs.  Our MAX Analzyer is designed to perform in both FTIR and GC-FTIR modes providing the testing professional with numerous testing options and configurations with a single instrument.  In FTIR mode, fast sub-second measurements can be obtained for traditional engine or catalyst emissions (CO, CO2, NOx, SOx, HCl, HF, NH3, H2O, Formaldehyde, and numerous others).  In GC-FTIR mode, low ppb levels of HAPs, VOCs & SVOCs can be monitored.  In fact, the system is capable of measuring in real-time, while collecting a second sample for subsequent detailed low ppbv VOC analysis, ideal for cold start or transient engine testing.

Another significant advantage of our MAX technology is that the instrument calibrations are fixed in both the FTIR and GC-FTIR modes.  A fixed or constant calibration is a first for GC technology (no other GC on the market can claim this capability), making deployment of MAX ideal for many applications within the Engine, Catalyst, SHED and VIAQ testing realm.

Both our EMS and MAX technologies come complete with AK communication transfer protocols so that they can be readily incorporated into your testing environment.


Automotive Applications Include:

  • Engine / Catalyst – gasoline, E-85, natural gas and diesel methods

  • SHED – speciated VOCs (sub ppmv BTEX and ethanol) and SVOC

  • VIAQ (Vehicle Indoor Air Quality) – speciated VOCs (BTEX, acrolein and acetaldehyde)



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