FTIR Emission Monitoring System

The Emission Monitoring System (EMS-10™) is a fully automated FTIR-based gas and emission monitoring system. The EMS-10 is capable of accurately analyzing many compounds simultaneously at high spectral resolution. The elegant integrated design incorporates complete control of all gases including the sample stream, zero gas and calibration gas with software from the large front panel touch screen or keyboard. This system is ideal whenever and wherever gas steams must be analyzed for composition, impurities, and hazardous air pollutants. 

The EMS-10 can handle hot and wet samples with nitrogen and calibration streams using a single sampling pump and particulate filter, making it ideal for a wide variety of applications. The EMS-10 comes completely integrated with the MAX-iR gas analyzer with LN2 extended dewar, the ASC-10TM automated sample console, computer, touch screen, and associated electronics all enclosed within a transportable rack-mounted frame for easy transport. 




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