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MAX-iAQ™ Ambient Air Monitoring System


Fully automated FTIR-based ambient air monitoring system

The MAX-iAQ™ is a fully automated FTIR-based ambient air monitoring system capable of sequentially analyzing up to 20 sample lines. The comprehensive design provides complete control of sample streams via an integrated multiplexer that maintains continuous sample gas flow on each channel. The multiplexer also incorporates sampling and bypass pumps, a PLC controller and touchscreen HMI. All sample, calibration gas and nitrogen connections are neatly aligned on the rear of the system for quick coupling. 


The heart of the MAX-iAQ™ is our FTIR gas analyzer that is also available with proprietary MAX StarBoost™ technology that can be optimized specifically for single-digit ppb detection. Unique in the marketplace, MAX StarBoost™ technology provides detection limits as low as 5 ppb and a wide dynamic range. In addition, the analyzer never requires calibration and utilizes a Peltier-cooled MCT detector that provides for 24/7/365 continuous operation. 

In addition to powerful sampling and analysis capabilities, the MAX-iAQ™ comes complete with user-friendly MAX-Acquisition™ factory automation software and a large touch screen for viewing system diagnostics and alarms. A Factory Interface Module is also available to provide seamless factory integration and data publishing to your existing infrastructure.

MAX-Acquisition Industrial Software Package

MAX-Acquisition Industrial Software Package



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