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Next Generation FTIR Spectrometer

The MAX-iR™ FTIR Gas Analyzer has been engineered to meet the most demanding standards for in-line process, batch sampling, gas purity/certification, emissions testing, and ambient air monitoring. Combined with Max’s StarBoost™ technology, MAX-iR™ allows users to achieve single digit ppb detection limits while maintaining all of the benefits of real-time FTIR. This technology breakthrough, available only on MAX-iR™, will eliminate the need for costly GC solutions across a wide variety of applications. Let MAX-iR™ reinvent how you solve your most complex process gas analysis.

MAX-iR™ Features



  • 10m high throughput multipass gas cell

  • 90mm low volume "lightpipe" cell

  • StarBoost™ upgrade

  • DTGS, MCT, InAs detectors

  • ​On-board computer and touch screen

  • Analysis methods (factory supplied)


Typical Applications

  • Inline Process Monitoring

  • Batch Sampling

  • Gas Purity Analysis

  • Gas Certification Analysis

  • ​Continuous Emissions Testing

  • Ambient Air Testing

  • Engine (RICE) Emission Testing

  • Turbine Testing

  • Leak Detection

  • Real-Time gas analysis (1 sec – 1 min response)

  • 1 – 32cm   resolution FTIR spectrometer

  • VCSEL laser diode (long life)

  • SiC IR source (long life)

  • ​Non-hygroscopic (no purge required)

  • Precision temperature and pressure sensors

  • 5U – 19 inch standard rack

MAX-iR™ is built around a small, rugged, high throughput interferometer with 24-bit ADC integrated detector modules that allow for exceptional signal-to-noise without liquid nitrogen cooling. Longevity and reliability of the analyzer has been increased using a long-life VCSEL laser diode and SiC IR source. Integrated temperature and pressure sensors provide increased precision for the most demanding certification applications. Finally, dual level vibrational dampening allows the analyzer to operate even in challenging field environments. MAX-iR™ is available in a variety of configurations. Users can choose between three detectors and integrated computer/ display. All systems come standard with MAX-Acquisition™ and MAX-Analytics™ software that provide industry leading factory integration tools, high speed identification of compounds, and measurement accuracy/stability without the need for calibration.

MAX StarBoost™ Technology


For more information on MAX-iR™ please contact our Applications Group to discuss your specific requirements at 860-386-6878 or email:

Introducing MAX-iR™

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