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MAX StarBoost™ offered utilizing the MAX-iR™ FTIR Gas Analyzer or as a complete integrated emissions monitoring system that includes a Max ASC-10-ST™ automated sampling console.


Typical Applications: Ethylene oxide and formaldehyde testing

MAX StarBoost™ is a breakthrough commercial FTIR gas analyzer enhancement technology that dramatically increases sensitivity, linearity and dynamic range over narrow spectral bands of interest. Proven in demanding applications such as ethylene oxide and formaldehyde measurement, MAX StarBoost™ provides source testers a new level of on-location, real-time analysis capability. Supplied as a turnkey add-on to the new MAX-iR™ FTIR Gas Analyzer, MAX StarBoost™ is compliant with existing methods and is easy to deploy since there is little to no learning curve for testers!


StarBoost™ technology utilizes specialized optics, electronics and analysis algorithms and provides the following FTIR gas analyzer enhancements:


  • 10 – 50 x Higher SNR

    • Much lower MDLs (1 – 10 ppbv)

    • ~ 5 – 10 ppb ETO in ambient air

    • ~ 10ppb formaldehyde in 10% moisture

  • No Background Spectrum Required

    • AutoRef mode

    • Real-Time continuous measurements

  • No Double Modulation

    • No artifacts to interfere with formaldehyde measurement

    • Allows for much lower MDLs

  • Zero baseline drift

    • Background and sample spectrum are from same Igram

  • US EPA Method 320 & ASTM D6348 Compliant

Ethylene Oxide Diluted to 100, 50, 10 ppb in Air

sharp 10, 50 and 100ppb EtO Spikes in Am

For more information on MAX StarBoost™ please contact our Applications Group to discuss your specific requirements at 860-386-6878 or email:


MAX StarBoost™ Technology

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