Standalone Thermal Desorption Tube (TDT) Sampler

MAX Analytical Technologies has developed a standalone Thermal Desorption Tube (TDT) sampler which allows for the collection and concentration of HAPs and other compounds to be measured during engineering or compliance source tests. The collected TDTs can be run either in the field on the MAX™ analyzer or sent to a lab for analysis. 10 ppbv HAPs can be observed with as small as a 3 L sample collection. In addition, samples with up to 40% absolute moisture have been collected and analyzed with this collection and analysis system. 


The MAX sampler allows the user to collect two TDTs simultaneously from the same gas stream. The collection of two tubes allows for duplicate sampling or for a spike recovery test to be performed to demonstrate sample recoveries. 


MAX Analytical Technologies can also supply TDTs for use with the MAX™ sampler, packed with single or multiple component sorbents such as the MAX A2 tri-matrix TDT that collects both polar and non-polar compounds.  


MAX™ TDT Sampler


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