MAX™ is an innovative analyzer that measures complex samples by combining the separation power of chromatography with the quantification power of absorption spectroscopy.

MAX Analytical Technologies has developed a standalone Thermal Desorption Tube (TDT) sampler which allows for the collection and concentration of HAPs and other compounds to be measured during engineering or compliance source tests. 

MAX-Bev™ can quickly analyze carbonation streams for all gaseous impurities using state-of-the-art FTIR and fluorescence technologies. Any impurities observed in the Bev-gas are quickly detected, speciated and quantified. 

MAX StarBoost™ is a breakthrough commercial FTIR gas analyzer enhancement technology that dramatically increases sensitivity, linearity and dynamic range over narrow spectral bands of interest. 

The Automated Sample Console (ASC-10™) is a gas sampling system that will heat and multiplex a sample stream, zero gas and cal gas automatically. The ASC-10™ can handle hot and wet samples with nitrogen and calibration streams using a single sampling pump and particulate filter.

The Emission Monitoring System (EMS-10™) is a fully automated FTIR-based gas and emission monitoring system. The EMS-10 is capable of accurately analyzing many compounds simultaneously at high spectral resolution.

The EMS-100™ is a fully integrated high speed FTIR-based combustion emission monitoring and analysis system. The EMS-100™ is capable of accurately measuring dozens of compounds simultaneously at measurement frequencies up to 5 Hz at high spectral resolution.

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